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The Information found here, is Considered Public Knowledge, and is Constitutionally Protected, for the Benefit of the American People!

Historical Facts


Our Unread, and Untaught

Lost Laws

that Directly, Affect Our Freedoms!

Please Glance over this post, Before casting Your Opinion.


to the

REALLY SCREWED-UP WORLD, that You have made for Yourself. Where Your Opinions, and Interpretations mean Absolutely Nothing, to the "Powers that Be!"

Be advised: The Information found here is considered to be Extremely Complicated to Understand, and it is Recommended, only, to those who Question The Corruptive Practices taking Place. This Information, is Posted to give the Reasoning Reader, an Opportunity to Compare Our National Laws, as they were Written, in Contrast, to the Way Our Beloved Leaders are Abusing them. What You the Reader do with this Knowledge, is in Your Hands, or, in the Hands those, Who, You have Allowed to Think For You!

The Facsimiles of these Old Documents, Some of which were never published in any Educational Manual, and have not been seen by Our Expert Constitutionalist, are in some cases difficult to read. However; Being a part of Our Early History, no attempt was made to Enhance, or change any part, including an occasional Misspelt Word.

Regrettably: These Documents, along with Our Constitution, were not Fully Taught in Our Educational Emporiums! The failure to do so has Literally Produced a Nation, without the Required Leadership, or a Realistic Goal which would benefit All its Citizens.

The Constitution; Is a Written Contract that had established Our Nations Fundamental Laws, which if Properly Used, would Give Each and Every Citizen, that, which was Proposed in "WE THE PEOPLE." This Contract Gives Authority to ALL CONTRACTS. If Our Constitutional Contract is Considered to be Valueless; As it appears to be, Then ALL CONTRACTS must be considered Valueless, because, the Given Authority, is not there to Enforce Compliance!

What We do Have, is, a Chaotic Society; Which is on the Verge of Total Collapse! We Can Not have a Functional Government, while Under the Control of those, who have Bought Away Our Constitution, in order to Live an Opulent Life, and to Fulfill Irrational Theories, at the Expense of the Entire Human Race!

Because of Our Own Fault, We had, over the Years, Blindly Accepted Interpretations, and Opinion, as being Constitutional Law, without Any Opposition! The Democratic and Republican Parties, having Commanded, Sole Administration of Our Written National Constitution, during the past 200 Years, had Willingly, or in Ignorance, VIOLATED its Every Mandate!

Only The Congress has the Authority to Legislate The National Laws. However: Because of Congress, The supreme Court, from John Marshal's Thirty-four Year Reign, to the Present time, had assumed Law Making Powers, which is Obviously Denied by the First Mandate, and was further Reinforced in Detail by in ARTICLE. III.

It is a Pathetic and Documented Fact; That the Average Person, especially in matters regarding their Natural Liberty's, are now referred to as being Ignorant, or even Dumb. Worse Yet; In the 1990's., Everybody is now called STUPID! How do We react when the Self-Anointed Troops of Democracy, (See # (16) below), sits on their Golden Throne, and Indoctrinates their followers with worthless words, while suppressing the real truth, and then, thanks us, by calling us Stupid?

It is said; "fools accept the spoken word as fools, and act accordingly, the wise man approaches talk with skepticism, and still is fooled." With the recent events taking place, it can be seen the Profession of Fools LACKS NO VOLUNTEERS.

Are You Under or over 50, got like a GREAT JOB; Bales of MONEY, and FEEL SECURE about YOUR future? Then go no further! Really; This Story is too boring, an too long for the "I GOT MINE SOCIETY." HOWEVER;

You may be aware You are being Over Worked-, and YOUR BACK has CALLOUSES from carrying the Free loaders. AND, If You are really Tired of having Everybody TREAT YOU WORSE THAN A DAWG, You now have the opportunity to Read, and Learn why People have not only become Their Worst Enemy, but their Own Executioner as well.

If You had Voted for a President, and Claim to be A Democrat, or A Republican; A Conservative, or A Liberal, then You have been Indoctrinated into the Theoretical Beliefs, called POLITICS! Because; We the Untaught, Unlearned, and Uncaring People, "Ain't got no time to Read,". . . we have now become totally Dependent on the Spoken WORD!.Being Kept in Ignorance, in matters Regarding THE CONSTITUTION, and the LAWS that Allows us those RIGHTS, we are now in the Process of Watching the Self-serving Political System, asthey Build themselves a Kingdom, and Jails for its Citizens.

Even though the Information found here has been in Circulation for many Decades, the General Public Refuses to Accept the Realities that are Undermining the Foundation of the Basic Laws of Our Nation. Which; the Corruption of, is directly affecting the Security of Each and Every Citizen, Including the Pontifical Political Leaders and their Submissive Adherents.

Today; The Company "BABBLERS" are telling US how Our Political System had created a Economy that is the Envy of All Nations. Also these Same Babblers, Continually Remind US of Our Good Fortune to have a Constitution, that too, is the Envy of the entire World.

Strangely; There are many Counter Babblers, who, having had something caught in the wringer, are Questioning Our Ability to be both The Richest, and a Debtor Nation at the Same Time! If We are so Prosperous, Why have we not, Paid off Our National Debt? And too, these Same Babblers, Suppressed, and Ignored by the Freedom of the Press Owners, are Still Searching to find What Constitution the Company Babblers are Talking about! Is it the Revised issue sponsored by the United States Senate, or the Copy Found at the Library of Congress? Neither of which are True reproductions of Our One and Only Original Constitution!

While We were Busy Listening to the Plaudits offered by Our Modern Propagandist, about the Our Opulent Lifestyle, look behind the Scenes, to see what is Really being planned for US.

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Should You Choose, return here to continue Reading the Documented Facts the Leadership does not want You to know!


UP-DATED September 22, 2002.

Our National Constitution had clearly Dictated the Fact, That in:

ARTICLE. 1. Section 2. 2. No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that Statein which he shall be chosen.

The Modern Spin on this Sentence, has had Many Individuals believing the Negative "NO," with the use of the Conjunction AND, is a continuous Negative Sentence. This is Not the Intent of this Mandating Sentence, nor can it be; According to the Knowledgeable Constructioners of Our National Constitution. See this, and the Complete Dialogue at # (24) in the NUMBERED BOXES below. Click here for Up-date History

Be advised of this fact; The address to this Post was sent to, and was verified as being received,(but IGNORED), by the Elected Members of both Houses, of the United States Congress. In their reply's they had promised to answer, if Name, Telephone, and address were included. To date, Out of these 535 Leaders, Only One Congressman had replied by snail mail, Explaining, The Questionable Political Process, Called The Line Item Veto.

Click here to see the letter, then compare this response to # (12) below.

To Further increase the scope of Our Stupidity, this post was also sent to the Controlling Media, Many Individuals and Organizations, who profess to be among the Champions Of Liberty, but choose to CENSOR these Documented Facts, by refusing to make this Irrefutable Information Public. WHY?

Due to the Nature of the Information found here, no attempt is made to SIMPLIFY, or SUGAR COAT the Realities, that are now Destroying the Entire Human Race, by having Ignorant People Lead those, who choose to be A Common Follower.

Click here for Webster's 1828 definition of Follower

This is an Open Letter to Those who Believe and Practice The Democratic & Republican Religious Doctrines, and consider the Dollar to be their True God. Where its LOVE OF, and its MISUSE is Driving the Society of Man, Mad!

Click here for Webster's 1828 definition of Doctrine.

What You are about to read here, had been Denied, Condemned, and Ridiculed.Not because this information is untrue, but because "The People"refuse to believe they have been Conned by their Organized Political System, and the MONEY INTEREST'S.

Be Aware: The Majority of the Postings on the Internet, are being used by the Organized System,to Distract, to Confuse, and to keep DIVIDING those Individuals, who are concerned about the IRRATIONAL ACTIVITIES that are taking place around the world.

It was recently asked: Why is The American Political System having Major Problems, with CIVIL UNREST, Including those of its Own CONSTITUTION?

As a 80 Year old Constitutional Historian, and with the help of other Old Timers, from the mid 1930's on, we Americans now have a collection of HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS, Which will help those who Want TRUTHFUL Answers, as to Why Certain Interests are Destroying ALL Nations of the World.

To Randomly place these Historical Documents in one place, without a comparative, and an Explanation, would accomplish nothing. For that reason these documents are located in the areas which correspond their Application.

Unfortunately; Due to the Mal-teachings, and Political Corruption by Ignorance, or Choice that had been forced on the American People, this Complex information cannot be reduced to a simpler form.

The Facsimiles of the Original Copies Provided here, will Prove the Following Statements to be True.

On April 14th 1792 Our National Constitution, which had established The GOVERNMENT of the United States of America, was REPLACED by AN ORGANIZED POLITICAL SYSTEM. Which Serves; Not its Citizens, but the Leaders in its Inner-Circle. Click (1) in the Number Section.

The Constitution of the United States of America; Click # (2) Had Provided a Mandate for TERM LIMITS, Click # (6) and for the LINE ITEM VETO, Click # (12)

For A Must Read Post that directly Affects the Lives of All People, Click # (17)

CLICK a Number. Compare it to what "THEY" Taught You to Believe.


(1)One of The Greatest Political Frauds in American History (2) The Our One and Only National Constitution (3) Enacting Clause (4) The Purpose of a Bicameral Republic (5) The Shall/Shall Not Mandates (6) The Constitutionally Mandated Term Limits (7) Resolve (8)Our Illegal Law Making Process (9) Duties of the Executive Officer / President (10) Unlawful Executive Privilege Act(11) Chusing the Electors (12) Line Item, or, Validating each Bill (13) Pocket Revolutionary Manual (14) Need For A Constitution (15) Self Help (16) The Fallacies of Our Modern DEMOCRACY (17) DICTATORIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS(18) LETTER OF TRANSMISSION (19)Freedom From War(20) The Illegal War Powers Act of 1973 (21)Nixon's Veto (22) Veto Over ride (23) War Powers Summary (24) Definition of a Conjunction, or a Copulative in the late 1770's. (25) ABORTION (26) Separation CHURCH/STATE

( 27 )Socialism (28) Communism,is an Enslaving Form of People Control! (29) Farrands Constitution

Up-dated as Time Permits



That was Certified by A SECRETARY OF STATE

to be a TRUE COPY of the ORIGINAL.

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