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Personal to /?/?/?/. As Strange as it may seem; The Majority of People throughout the World, are Constitutionally Ignorant, and We Americans unfortunately are No Different. Even though We Do Have a Written Constitution, Mandating in detail How Our Leadership is to Administer Our Fundamental National Laws, and Guide the Nation for the Benefit of All its Citizen, It Does Not Happen! The Process for Electing of the President, is Simple Trickery, Propagated by the Media, and the Politicians. Every four Years, and out of the woodwork, The Political Circus comes to Town to entertain The Peasantry, by using Sweet Words, and Promises that are Never to be. When their Web is Spun, back to the woodwork the Politicians run.

Currently the Democratic, and Republican Parties are Attacking each other to continue Their Parties Controlling Powers. And Now; The Reform Party has entered the Picture to further Confuse, and Confound We Americans. It is a Documented Fact, The Constitution; Written with due Deliberation, had made No Provision for an Organized Group of Individuals to be Dominate over the American Citizen.

From September 17, 1787., the Day on which Our Engrossed Constitution was Signed, until April 14th 1792., The United States of America was the Only Nation in All Recorded History, to Provide a True Government for the Benefit of All its Citizens.

Confidentially to /?/?/?/. I am familiar with every Word of Your Crude Recommendations, all of which is not Accomplishable. To answer You, using Your own words, would have accomplished nothing.

What will happen, after You and Your actions Totally Trash Our Constitution? It is obvious You are a Typical product of the mind Conditioning System, who Continue to Propagate those Failed theories that have destroyed Nation after Nation. Being Ignorant of the Laws that You Claim Gives You Your Rights, Will in time give You Equality, in Slavery! Enjoy Your Future.