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If this War Powers Act, were a CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGISLATED LAW, it would have given The Chief Executive Officer / The President, DICTATORIAL POWERS! Who: With the use of the so-called EXECUTIVE ORDERS, which again are made by the Illegal use of SECTION. 8., would then allow The Chief Executive Officer / President, under a Real, or the Pretense of an Emergency, to Declare Martial Law, Suspend both Congress, and the Constitution, which in turn would Totally Control the Movements of Each and Every Citizen.

Due to the Dangers that are now looming, Congress must act to Resolve this Problem, by making a choice :

The Choice is; To Immediately Rescind ALL LEGISLATIVE ACTS, Illegally made under ARTICLE. 1. SECTION. 8. Or; Continue to PLAY POLITICS, with the Lives of Millions of Decent People.