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Where another Real HOOT comes in, is when Our Constitutionally ILLITERATE CONGRESS in the 1930's., Passed that Now Famous


Fact #1. Our Written Constitution had given The President/Executive a Detailed Outline of his Duties and Responsibilities.

Which is, to Execute, and Supervise the Implementation of ONLY Those Laws, which are LEGISLATED in the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

See ARTICLE 1. Section 1.

Fact #2. The Executive Privilege Act, was made in VIOLATION of the Mandating Laws of Our Constitution! OUR KNOWLEDGEABLE Fabricators had designed a Short, and Simple Constitution, and were aware of the need for Modifications, as the Nation Grew. Being so, they had Included a Provision for making those Future Amendments/Changes. (See ARTICLE V). Which MANDATES; The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses SHALL deem it necessary, SHALL PROPOSE AMENDMENTS TO THIS CONSTITUTION, which SHALL be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, WHEN RATIFIED BY THE LEGISLATURES OF THREE FOURTHS OF THE SEVERAL STATES. A Rational Person would ask; Where are the STATES"Ratifications" of those NON-EXISTENT AMENDMENTS, that the CORRUPTED POLITICAL SYSTEM had seen fit to Change? Has the Logic of Alex Hamilton's writing become Useless among the 1990's INTELLECTUALS?