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How can any Educated Person, in Our Dumbed-down Society, Demand


Contrary to the Teachings, Democracy does not mean Rule of the People, but

rather, "THE SWAY OF THE PEOPLE." And, in the Ancient Democracies of Athens, and Basil,

Only Certain Classes of Citizens were permitted to vote.

The DEMOCRACY that is being practiced today, did not originate in Ancient

Greece, but rather, in France! After the Bastille Revolution in 1789, every Citizen Was given the right to vote on any issue.

This French version was brought to America by Mr. Thomas Jefferson!

Today; We Americans, Ignorant, as We are, by Our Accepted Teachings,, Sign Contracts

without reading them, Vote on issues We know nothing about, and continue

to accept the Political Decreed "self-destructive" Acts as NORMAL.

To complicate Our Lives, WE Continue to Demand More of

EVERYTHING! Refusing to believe, Our Irrational Self-serving Actions are


Prior to 1900., The Books of Recorded History will show, No Nation had called itself a DEMOCRACY! A Movement for the Rebirth of Democracy in America, became evident during WWI., and its purpose was as Questionable then, as it is now.

Questionable; Because No Nation can Exist for an extended period, Under TWO DISTINCTLY Different FORMS OF GOVERNMENT AT THE SAME TIME! Namely: A REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC, which We are, & A DEMOCRACY, Where the People, being without Full Knowledge, are allowed to VOTE their Own Fate, and then, Only On POLITICALLY SELECTED ISSUES!

In the Mandating Laws of Our Constitution, We the People were given the Authority to ONLY vote for A REPRESENTATIVE... ARTICLE 1. Section 2. Clause 1. The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States,........... However; Due to the Corruptive Power of THEORETICAL POLITICS, this, and All Other Mandates of Our Constitution have been VIOLATED!

Past EXPERIENCE under the abuse Power by the English, had shown to the Makers of Our Constitution; The People as a mass, are INCAPABLE of Governing Themselves, for the Benefit of the Entire Society. All People are not only UNEQUAL; Each has a Mind-set that is Open to MANIPULATION by the SPOKEN WORD, often referred to as PSYCHOLOGY FAMILY.

It is known; the Political Theory called DEMOCRACY, was Evaluated by the founding Fathers, and was found to be a Self -Destructive form of GOVERNMENT? Having OUR REPUBLIC Replaced, by the FAILED THEORY OF DEMOCRACY, shows Our Leadership is in Incompetent Hands. Thanks to the Voters that placed them there!