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There is Logic in the use of the Electoral College. Our Constitution as it is Constructed, Had Denied the Possibility of any CORRUPTIVE PRACTICES. However: The People through their Own Ignorance, had allowed themselves to be taken advantage of by those having No Human Worth.

#1., By having a Bicameral Law making Authority, which is Composed of, and by; ITS OWN CITIZENS! Where the People of Voting Age, have the Right to CHOOSE A REPRESENTATIVE, to Protect THE CITIZENS INTERESTS.

# 2., THE SENATE; Where the Individual State LEGISLATURE'S; Chooses its Senators to Protect A STATES RIGHTS INTEREST IN THE NATIONAL CONGRESS.

#3., The ELECTORAL COLLEGE, whose SOLE purpose is to PROPERLY Elect the President! These Three Distinct Processes of Selecting Good Leadership, is not found in any other Constitution. It is evident these Mandates are not followed. The Question here is; After You have Finished reading these Constitutional mandates; What Will You do Now? Have You Read, and Do You Understand This Document, that has given US Our Liberty?